Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thoughts and praise to God

My dear Lord I could never on my WILDEST imagination ever thought the turns of my life in many ways would take place. I am so thankful for all you have shown me and taken me through. The worst is over. I am with you no matter what is happening to me physically, no matter what is happening emotionally, no matter what is happening mentally, I keep my eye on you and have faith and trust in your deliverance. I have patiance and thank you for filling me up whenever I call out and need it. All I do is say Jesus Christ fills my mind and body and boom you are there...I never even knew or could possibly imagine it to be true! Whatever your will for me is dear God I surrender to it, whatever your plan is for me, whatever I must endure to make that happen I accept it and simply yearn to do what i came in this body to do. Stay with me, lead me and guide me to know what is your will dear God.


I am going to praise your name till my dying day,
I wont be lead astray,
the love with me will stay,
the price for me was paid,
whatever I endure along the way,
was just your way to say,
here's a new faith upgrade!

Everybody dies one day,
when or how we cannot say,
so let's take the time to contemplate,
on something beyond this world...
Let's invest in Eternity, let's invest in Eternity, Let's invest in Eternity

Whatever happens I am at peace. Halleluya!